Mick Roxx @ Kingsday!

Mick Roxx @ Kingsday!

Koningsnacht/dag 2014 wordt dit jaar voor het eerste gevierd en dit is natuurlijk een feestje waard! Op 25 en 26 april 2014 zorg ik dan ook weer voor wat heerlijke deuntjes op de diverse locaties in Nederland. Vrijdagavond (Koningsnacht), begint dan ook goed bij de Vier Engelen! Aan een van de mooiste waterkant-locaties van Lelystad draai ik op het Koningsfestival! Daarnaast ben ik ook weer uitgenodigd om in een van de leukste clubs van Nederland te draaien Club Move! Op Koningsdag draai ik dit jaar op de boot in Amsterdam. Uitgerust met een zwaarbewapende geluidsinstallatie gecombineerd met een vleugje scherpe muziek! Ben je benieuwd waar ik nog meer sta met Koningsdag? Check dan de agenda! *Speciaal voor KDAY staat er een mini mix klaar voor je bij mijn music page! enjoy ;-).


FROG IT! - Frog it is een feest voor Stichting Opkikker met als doel zoveel mogelijk geld op te halen. Met dit geld willen we zieke kinderen een onvergetelijke dag bezorgen! Een dag die het kind en de ouders/verzorgers niet snel zullen vergeten. Wij kunnen dit helaas niet alleen en hebben jouw hulp hierbij nodig! Zorg dat het kind een dag vol blijheid en ontspanning kan beleven! Help ons op woensdag 19 maart in ClubNL te Amsterdam!


New year is around the corner. Bring up your drinks and lets rock this new year eve mixtape! You can find it in my music section on the website or you can hit the download button. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!
13/12/13 | YEARMIX IS COMING!I'm so so busy at the moment, but i'm still working on the YEARMIX '13! I can tell you guys it's gonna be BOOMING! Got the best selected tracks i've played in my sets this year. Stay tuned!
02/12/13 | NEW website online!Welcome to my new website! I am so excited to finally share it with you! This site was designed specifically for my fans and information I feel you want to know! Here you will be able to browse music, pictures and videos.















My Life








To be continued.





Mickey Meijer, better known as Mick Roxx, started 8 years ago with listening to, and playing with music. He is a 24 year old guy born and raised in the Netherlands. For his music he used a tape recorder and a turntable at home. Mickey grew up in Holland with a variety of different styles and types of music. Besides his daily


schoolwork, Mickey also worked at a populair jeans store where he played his own music. From there on soon came the first appearences of Mickey and that’s how his own name immediately grew out into ‘Mick Roxx’. In the beginning of his career he played his music at several occasions like birthday parties, weddings, in clubs and at festivals in the Netherlands. Later on in 2013 Mick Roxx played at world-wide venue’s in Curaçao & Brasil!

Mick Roxx played especially ‘Urban’ music (RnB and Hip Hop) in the beginning of his career. When he noticed the audience was also open to other styles of music, he added: Top 40, Soul, Disco Classics, Big Room, Latin and EDM-House. At this point he gained a good and steady base for the ‘eclectic style’, which is very popular at the moment. He uses mixed styles which are surprising and refreshing. Tracks from nowadays are mixed with classics from the past. Alternation is the key word in his work, at which much attention is paid to the response of the audience: the perfect sounds at the right moment.

Besides performing in clubs, Mick Roxx also played his music at serveral local/world-wide radio stations. The combination of his ecletic mixing skills, originality, music knowledge and diversity creates his unique style. The experience of Mick Roxx’s music, ensures that the audience enjoyes every moment of his set. With this construction in his carreer and different experiences of styles, locations and audiences, he knows exactly how to make the crowd go wild!
Mick Roxx still likes to see himself growing in the upcoming years with its capabilities in the music industry. He also has a goal where he wants to play a set overnight and entertain the crowd at a sold out stage. To achieve this wish, he engages daily with his dreams. So he continuously live for this quote: all of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.






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Het is mogelijk om MICK ROXX per uur te boeken maar ook een set bestaande uit meerdere uren bestaat tot de mogelijkheden. Om u zo goed mogelijk van dienst te kunnen zijn, verzoeken wij u voldoende informatie over uw evenement te vermelden. De informatie die wij graag van u ontvangen bestaat o.a. uit de gewenste datum van het evenement, de locatie (stad), venue (naam club/discotheek) en de gewenste set-tijd. Stuur u e-mail naar info@mickroxx.com of maak gebruik van het contact furmulier.

INTERNATIONAL BOOKINGS Send an e-mail to info@mickroxx.com or use the contact form. In order for us to help you, please mention as much information and details as possible about your event. This information should include: -Date of event -Location (City, Country and Veneu) -Distance to closest airport -Are there Visa restrictions in the country of destination? -A full description of what type of event it will be (festival, private or other).

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01/01/14 NYE V.V Unicum, Lelystad
04/01/14 Invites, Club MOVE, Barneveld
25/01/14 De Nacht van Stael, Heeren van Stael, Lelystad
19/01/14 WHY (IO Vivat), ‘t Heertje, Leeuwarden
05/03/14 Private party, Jantjes Verjaardag, Amsterdam
19/03/14 Frog It (Benefit), Club NL, Amsterdam
05/04/14 De Nacht van Stael, Heeren van Stael, Lelystad
19/04/14 So Safado, Hardersplaza, Harderwijk
25/04/14 Kingsnight&day, De Vier Engelen, Lelystad
25/04/14 Koningsnacht! Club MOVE, Barneveld
26/04/14 Kingsday BOAT party! Amsterdam
26/04/14 Kingsnight&day, De Vier Engelen, Lelystad
03/05/14 Dutch Chili Fest, Hollands Glorie
11/05/14 MC Boogshe bday bash, Van DYCK Bar, Amsterdam
29/05/14 Dancetour (official afterparty), Charisma Party Centre, Lelystad
30/05/14 Cocktails and Dreams, Charisma Party Centre, Lelystad
07/06/14 So Safado, Hardersplaza, Harderwijk
21/06/14 At The Beach XXL, Beach, Lelystad

08/06/13 Satisfaction, Club X
14/06/13 Private Party, De Heeren van Stael
15/06/13 Birthdaybash Mick Roxx, Club IM
16/06/13 Beats & BBQ, Club X
21/06/13 Private Party, De Heeren van Stael
22/06/13 Invites, Club MOVE
29/06/13 Satisfaction, Club X
13/07/13 Satisfaction, Huize Maas Groningen
13/07/13 Mick Roxx vs Martin Dhamen, Kokomo Beach Club, Groningen
20/07/13 Super Saterday, Club IM
21/07/13 Sunday Chill Out, Paviljoen Lucht Lelystad
27/07/13 Private Party, Sportpark Langezand
04/08/13 Mick Roxx @ Wet & Wild, Willemstad, Curaçao
09/08/13 Mick Roxx @ De Boot, Willemstad, Curaçao
10/08/13 Hemmingwaybeach concert, Hemmingway, Curaçao
11/08/13 Mick Roxx @ Wet & Wild, Willemstad, Curaçao
17/08/13 Super Saterday, Club IM
31/08/13 Invites, Club MOVE
01/09/13 Lelystad DANCE Festival
06/09/13 Private Party
07/09/13 Private Party
14/09/13 Invites, Club MOVE
14/09/13 Ritmo Only, Anno’s, Almere
21/09/13 Een Zoete Inval, Heeren van Stael
28/09/13 De Nacht van Stael, Heeren van Stael
02/10/13 Studenten feestje, Club MOVE
08/10/13 Private Party, Aan het water, Lelystad
19/10/13 Mick Roxx Live @ XPOSE, Republik, Fortaleza, Brasil
26/10/13 Mick Roxx Live @ XPOSE, Republik, Fortaleza, Brasil
01/11/13 Birthday party, Mirror Centre, Amsterdam
23/11/13 Club Sanchezz 2 Year Anniversary, Sanchez, Uden
30/11/13 De Nacht van Stael, Heeren van Stael
07/12/13 Invites, Club MOVE
20/12/13 Mick Roxx Live @ Down Town, Harderwijk
31/12/13 NYE, De Cantine, Lelystad